Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Appreciate Cows!

Every year, Chik-fil-a has Cow Appreciation Day!

We have never participated before, but this year, I thought it would be a lot of fun for us to do. After Addie's nap, I cut up black and white circles and used packing tape to stick the spots to our black and white clothes. Even Ian got a couple spots on his white onesie. Brian thought this was another one of my ideas that might not work out so well (I've had a few of those), so he was only willing to wear black and white.

We met Grandma and pops at our local Chik-fil-a and enjoyed our visit as well as seeing all of the other cow costumes that people wore for this occassion (some people really go ALL out!!!!).
Because of our spots, Addie, Ian and I got free meals at Chik-fil-a..... and Ian was kind enough to share his meal with Daddy.

Addie was soooo protective of her spots! She didn't want the seat belt to bend them, Ian to pull on them, or Corky to take them off when we went to Grandma and Pops house for dessert. She was even a little bothered that they had to come off when she went to bed.

I loved how excited she was about the whole thing.

And when we left, and for the next three days, she asked me when we could be cows again.


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