Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date

Brian has talked about taking Addie on a Daddy/Daughter date for quite some time now. Just him and his little girl.

They have done many things together- run errands, a Busch Gardens trip after I had Ian- but it's never been an official "date."

Two Saturdays ago, Brian planned a day for the two of them to enjoy. It involved running a quick errand, lunch at McDonald's, and a movie (Madagascar 3). He told her the plan on Friday night and she was beside herself.

"And we're gonna go to the movies, and eat popcorn and it's gonna be great!" she told me.

Saturday, she wanted to get dressed early. And she asked all morning long what time they would be leaving.

Ian and I had some mommy/son time, and after he fell asleep, I waited for my two to come home to me.

Then I heard the garage door open, and saw the top of a head with pink bows walk in behind the sofa.

"Mommy, I saved this for you!" and I was handed a kernel of popcorn. She had saved this one, lone, full piece of popcorn and had held on to it the entire ride home. I was also given the bag of itty, bitty popcorn pieces that she had also saved for me.

She told me all about "dinner" and the movie, which parts of the movie she liked and which parts she didn't, and then asked when she and Daddy would be going on another date.

After she went for her nap, Brian recalled for me all of the funny "Addie moments" her could remember, like how when they walked into the theater Addie looked at the seats and said, "I can't sit on these chairs," since they were in their folded positions. Brian lowered one for her, and all she could say was, "That's awesome!"

During the movie she was standing at one point (I guess she had really gotten into it) and was trying to reach back for a handful of popcorn. Brian couldn't help but chuckle as her hand was feeling the air and his knee as it searched for the popcorn bag (she didn't take her eyes off the screen).

That evening, as she was getting ready for bed, Addie asked me, "When will Daddy take me on another date? Will I still be four or do I have to wait until I'm five?"

I think you can expect another one while you are four, Addie Girl.


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