Monday, August 6, 2012

Buccaneer Fan Fest and Night Practice

If you have followed  me for very long, you know that we are a sports family. Brian loves his sports. In fact, the year that the Bucs went to the Super Bowl (2002-2003 season), my parents hosted a Super Bowl party at our house in hopes that Brian would come to it, for my sake. He stayed home!!!!!! He wanted to be able to watch his beloved Bucs without distraction (which apparently, I would have been).

Despite his "first choice" before we began dating, I have embraced the Bucs, and have even helped our children "support" Daddy's team. And this Saturday was a perfect example of that.

The Bucs opened up their practice to their fans and held their annual Fan Fest and a free night practice as a joint event. We all decked ourselves out for our team- the kids in their shirts, Brian in his jersey, and I just used one of Brian's older jerseys.

Seating was on a first come first served basis. One of Brian's co-workers was there and saved us some awesome seats 10 rows up from the field on the 15 yd. line. We were able to see our team up close.

Before the praactice, soldiers from the Wounded Warrior program came out onto the field. The stadium erupted in applause and cheers and within moments "USA!" was being chanted. My USA loving 4 year old got right into it (after all she has practiced for the last week whenever she sees the American flag) and cheered with all her heart.

Addie had a great time. She was so excited that as we were walking up to the stadium, she heard the sounds of music and the announcers on the speakers and she got nervous. "Mommy, hurry! They're starting without us!"

Even our little guy loved his time there. It must be a boy thing! He was looking everywhere and pointing at things and even clapping.

It was pretty hot out there, but I have been blessed not to have a whiny baby. We just fanned him down and he was content.

Addie and I had our own little fun time. Our dear cousin/friend/encourager Victoria who is an intern for a local sports website was down on the field working. Once we found her, we waved our hearts out. It was pretty ironic that there were about 90 football players and stars out on the field, but we waved at Victoria and cheered when she saw us. She was our star!

Then a deep rumble of thunder went across the sky. The team was aken off the field and the fans were asked to take shelter in the covered areas of the stadium. We decided to call it a night. We made out way back to our vehicle, got just a little wet, but it did help to cool us off.

We are looking forward to this event happening again next year, and making another memory as a family.


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