Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful | Work

I am thankful that Brian has a job to go to every day.

It is not always easy work- driving for hours can be hard on his back and circulatory system, climbing through attics, under portables, and installing phone systems in buildings with no air conditioning during the summer- but it is honest, good work.

I am thankful that he is paid fairly and has the opportunity to be paid overtime when warranted.

In this time of financial uncertainty in our country, I am thankful that we are able to provide for our children on one income and that Brian is the bread winner of our home.

I am thankful that my children see their father leave for work every morning and know that their daddy is working hard so that their mommy can stay home with them. Even Ian is being taught about his future responsibility to his family by watching his father head out the door every weekday.

I am thankful that my children know that Santa does not bring their presents. I always tell them that God has given Daddy a job and the ability to work so that we can have money to buy them presents. There is no way some imaginary guy in a red suit is going to get the credit for my husband's hard work!

I am so thankful for the work Brian does.


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