Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful | Family Time

I am thankful for family time.
Time when the four of us can be an island unto ourselves, get away, and connect with each other.
Family time is a time when we just hang out at home, go to a local park, or go have an adventure.

However we choose to spend it, it is always a time filled with smiles, laughter, and making memories that we will look back on fondly.

Although I loved the baby stage of my children, I am really enjoying that everyone can now participate actively... even if we're not quite sure what is going on.

Family time is not always perfect. Mommy and Daddy have a plan an know what direction to go in. The kids are definitely the variable that keeps things light and spontaneous.

But family time for us is perfect..... always. And I am so thankful for our little family.


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