Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas | Snowman Day

Christmas always lends itself to having special events, moments, and memory making opportunities- like theme days!

For us, today is Snowman Day!!!!!

(Did you happen to catch that I love snowmen in my decor post?)

It has taken a lot of planning and preparation to pull it off. And, for me, the process itself has been exciting- kind of like buying and wrapping the Christmas presents for the kids and then waiting for Chrsitmas morning when they can open everything up.

I have over planned for today (surprise, surprise), but I would rather have more than I need than not enough. Addie has a pillow case dress of a snowman to wear today, and I am finishing up Ian's snowman onesie (can't leave him out!).

If you would like to see most of what I have planned for today, click here to be taken to my Snowman Day Ideas Pinterest board.

Of course, I'll be posting a smilebox of our Snowman Day activities next week.

Have great weekend, and make some great memories with your family.


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