Friday, January 4, 2013

Live Life- Week 1

So, it is Friday and I am looking back to see how well I did this week on the idea of living life.

I am part of an online Bible Study/devotional group, but our session doesn't begin until next week so this week I decided to begin the So That's Why! Bible I was given by a good friend and use it during our "off" weeks. I haven't even gotten past the days of creation and I am already excited about something new that I learned about day 4 of creation! Totally amazing!

We began homeschooling on Wednesday again, and this time, Ian has his own little curriculum. Because he is 15 months old, I decided that he would get the same lesson all week long and then next week he will get a new lesson. I found a book at our Dollar Tree that was designed for one year olds. The page he is working on is a spider that he has to color purple. While we talk about the page, Addie works on her handwriting page. Then he is able to color his "assignment". It was all good until I turned to see him eating the purple crayon! He also gets to watch the Leap Frog: Letter Factory while Addie and I work on our other subjects.

I have always had this dream of growing my own herbs and vegetables. It always ends up as a nightmare! But, my mother-in-law believed in me enough to give me an herb terrarium for Christmas so I can grow herbs in my own kitchen or back porch! Addie and I put it together (one of her art curriculum projects was to grow her own garden, so this fit the bill perfectly!), and I cannot wait to see the first sprouts next week.

I am making a conscious effort to sit on the floor with my children and be totally immersed in their world. I have had more tea parties, dressed up more dolls, driven more trucks and cars, colored more pictures, and made more animal noises than I have since before Christmas. They love it, and I have loved every minute of it.

In the evening, when Brian and I sit down for a movie, I have added a crocheting project to my evening. I am making this cowl. (Brian almost laughed when he saw the picture and then caught himself. When I asked what was so funny he responded, "It looks like a thneed!" If you have seen the movie The Lorax, this will make perfect sense to you.)

I have gotten my normal routine jobs done, but I have felt really good about this week. Today the kids and I are meeting my Aunt Elsa at a craft store that we have never been too. I am totally excited about that!

Living life one day at a time!


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