Friday, January 18, 2013

Live Life | Week 3 | Meeting Sadie

This Sunday, we had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of the family.
Grandma and Pops adopted a new puppy- a 5 month old, beautiful black lab/border collie mix named Sadie.
She is very shy, so getting to know her took time, but Addie was so excited about Sadie that she waited as long as it took to win Sadie's heart.
She quietly followed Sadie and gently talked to her under Pop's gentle supervision. Bud followed, too, saying, "Gog-gy!" and pointing. Once, we even thought we heard him say "Sadie."
If he could have, he would have jumped right on Sadie, so Pops kept a close eye to make sure everyone stayed safe.
While Addie was working on winning over Sadie's heart, Ian was having his own adventure walking up and down the walkway as fast as those little legs would take him.
We were all sitting around the firepit area when we heard Addie talking quietly and sweetly, like she was having a conversation with another person. That was when we noticed them on the grass with Sadie allowing Addie to pet her.
Just before it was time to go in, Grandma let Addie brush Sadie. I'm not sure who loved it more.
I think everyone agreed, Sadie is a sweetheart! She is so calm and gentle and absolutely beautiful.
Yay, for Grandma! After four sons and owning almost all male pets, Grandma has a girl! Notice the pink collar. :)
And of course, let's not forget about Corky! Pop's faithful little buddy.
Don't worry, Corky. We still love you, too!


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