Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Back on the List | Christmas

Well, it's that time again! Time to see what I was able to check off the list for Christmas.

I learned a valuable lesson this year. I can make plans, but I have to be flexible enough to change them for the health and comfort of my family. Not an easy lesson for someone as goal oriented as I am. But it was a good lesson to learn.

Make Christmas crafts with the kids. This was rather successful for us. Ian even got to participate with a craft, too.

Finally go to our church's Christmas program. Once again, we were unable to attend our church's program due to Addie having a cold, although the majority of the people I talked to said what a fantastic program it was. Maybe next Christmas......

Attend our town's Christmas parade. We were able to do this activity which we all loved and have decided to do it again next year, Lord willing.

Go to several state parks in our area to see their Christmas light displays. We were not able to do this due to colds and cold weather, but we will try again next Christmas.

Go to Sea World and/or Busch Gardens to see their Christmas displays. Again, we were not able to do these because of colds, but I am holding out hope for next Christmas.

Go to the mall and see the musical Christmas tree. Hmmmmmm....... I should just copy and paste the last two statements........

Go to Barnes and Noble and get more info on my Christmas gift. Sigh....... at the same mall as the Chirstmas tree that we didn't see......

Have a snowball fight and make a snowman with the kids Woohoo! Here we go! You remember our Snowman Day? This was the day we had our "snowball fight" and made a "snowman".


Attend a Christmas party for the kids. We had such a great time! There were about 70 people at our homeschool group Christmas party (elementary only). We made crafts, sang songs, listened to a retelling of the Christmas account, had a cookie exchange, ate a light lunch, and played on the playground.

Decorate some of our gift wrapping using my kids' feet You'll remember from this post that we made reindeer on our gift bags with Addie's footprint. So fun, fast, and easy. Thinking of what we'll do next year!

Make a Nativity scene with Addie using toilet paper rolls What a blast we had making this! Addie and I colored together, and I did all of the cutting. Then she got to set it up how she liked it and rearrange it to her heart's content.

Celebrate Advent using a gift for each day. We had a great time doing this. This is going to become a family tradition, I think.

Read to Addie by the light of the Christmas tree. This was one of my personal favorites. Having Addie snuggle up with me to read a story (usually our evening devotion and a Christmas library book) was a chance for us to do something together without interruption or distractions (you know, from this cute, adorable, pudgy little boy we have that walks around saying "uh-oh" and then "no-no-no" while shaking his finger.)

I will have a new list for the winter season up by the beginning of next week. I am looking forward to coming up with a new list of ways to build memories with our family and live life to its fullest.


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