Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Gift Bags

One of my goals was to decorate our gifts using my children's feet. Well..... I did it with one child's feet since Bud wiggles his way too much for this to work (I discovered that on Snowman Day).
I got the idea from this Pinterest idea and then adjusted it for my purposes. Here is my step by step on how to do this project.

Working assembly line style made everything easier.

Print out as many footprints as you need. (I think we did close to 40!)
Have your little one dip their thumb in red paint and use their thumbprint as the nose.

Put two dots of glue on the wide part of the footprint and your little elf can stick on the eyes. There are also sticky backed google eyes.
Isn't she cute! She wasn't in 100% health that morning, so we stayed in pj's for a while. 

Let them dry.
Use a black marker to draw on antlers and to write your "To" and "From". I tucked the gift into a sheet of red tissue paper and let a small piece of the tissue peek out of the bag. 

Happy gift giving!


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