Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Adventure with Taffy

As you know, Addie has a little stuffed dog that my Aunt Elsa (Lala) gave her a couple of years ago named Taffy. She carries Taffy with her EVERYWHERE at all times. She loves this little dog like I have never seen her love another stuffed animal or toy.
On Thursday night Addie was getting her juice cup out of the fridge while holding Taffy and spilled her juice everywhere. After the initial shock of hearing the huge splash and seeing red cran-raspberry juice all over my floor and inside the fridge, I heard a wail come from Addie. And then the tears started. Taffy had landed right in the middle of the juice on the floor! From Addie's reaction, you would have thought that Taffy had died.
I took Taffy and put him with my load of laundry to be washed the next day. She cried even more and harder now because she would not be able to sleep with Taffy.... and she has "to sleep with Taffy because he is the only one I can sleep with."
I told her that she could sleep with one of her other stuffed animals and the tears came even harder. Those toys apparently make her talk to them and keep her awake! (As if I haven't heard her and Taffy giggling in bed during naptime and bedtime before!) I named different ones for her, but she had an issue with each one of them. They were only for playing with.... Taffy is for everything else.
She ended up picking her bear "Frankie." And although falling asleep was not easy, she managed to do so.
On Friday morning I overheard her talking to Frankie (her imagination is amazing!).
Frankie: Thank you for letting me sleep with you. It was a great surprise!
Addie: You're welcome! But tonight, I'll be sleeping with Taffy and I don't want you to fuss about it.

That night after she was already in bed I brought Taffy to her. She hugged that little dog so tightly and said, "Taffy, I missed you! I love you so much! I went next to the washing machine when you were inside and told you I loved you."
One good thing came out this..... Taffy got a much needed bath!

To read more about Taffy, check out this post about when Taffy was lost.


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