Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Brain Dump

If you are like me, you have a million thoughts running through your head of all the things you need to get to at some point in your day or week. Wouldn't it be nice to open the top of your head, tip it over, and have all those ideas fall onto a piece of paper so you can get them out of your thoughts so you can think of other things?
In the book that I have been working through, One Bite at a Time, the author recommends having a brain dump as often as necessary so you can get those thoughts out.
This is what one of my "brain dumps" looks like. I already had some categories in my mind, I just wrote down randomly whatever was pressing at the moment and was associated with those categories. Then I made clouds and bubbles around each item because I was feeling a bit artistic at the time (ha! for me, this is artistic!) and drew lines connecting those bubbles to their categories. 
It was nice getting it all out of there (it really did free up some brain space!) and down onto the paper. I was then able to get to work on what I needed to get done.
I keep my "brain dump" on my clipboard that keeps all of my daily-organization-Mommy-important things that I like having easy access to.
I am usually a list person, but I think I really like the idea of a brain dump instead. I don't have to worry about writing out my list in the right order. Try it! It made my jobs seem  lot less rigid and much more fun. 


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