Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In front of our county courthouse
Our county is a pretty fair size. Our particular area has three different "town" names, each giving the hearer an understanding of where in our county you actually live- "B" being the rural, original area of development with large properties of land and cattle ranches, "S" being the center of everything with shops, restaurants, and lots of churches, and "W" being the outskirts of "S" and a little more rural yet not as rural as "B" (hope that makes sense).

One of these three, "B", actually played a small role during the Civil War and has an historic past- not one that you will read about in the history books, but those in our community who actually care about it make a huge deal of it.

The historic part of "B" and the center of the town where our court house is measures maybe 1 square mile. And it is in this 1 square mile area that my children and I were lost for an hour and a half while trying to get to our Valentine's party.

One of the crafts we made on Valentine's Day
For the party, each child was to bring a Valentine treat for all of the other children at the party. We had our candy labeled and ready to go. I had volunteered to bring a box of juices and cupcakes as well. When we purchased our cupcakes, Addie was in such an all fired hurry to help me put everything on the check out counter that when she picked up the cupcakes I heard a noise. The cupcakes came out of their holder, the perfectly placed icing was smeared all over the clear plastic cover, and sprinkles were dancing everywhere inside the container. That should have been a sign to me of how this whole thing would go.

At home, I went onto Google maps and put in the destination I needed to get to. It spit out some directions for me, and at 1:00 p.m., we headed out. I put all of our stuff on the floor of the back seat on Ian's side of the car since I knew it would be safe there and would make for easier maneuvering for me once we arrived at the party.

The directions from Google sent me onto some obscure road (where I saw some of the most beautiful homes), so I called my husband to see if he could help me out. He was in the middle of a difficult and intense job at the time, so I called my father (I do not have a smart phone yet, so I could not find the directions for myself. This incident changed all of that, and I will be getting one, Lord willing, when my phone contract is up in June. At least something good came out of all of this :) My dad did his best, but his phone could only give him a general location and not anything specific.

Brian called back a little while later and told me to call his office to see if the secretary could help me out. He then mentioned, "I think it is the church up on the hill."

Hill? What hill? The only hill that I know of in town is the hill that the traffic light is at the top of, and there is no church there.

Addie named her "Val" because of the Doc McStuffins show
The secretary gave me great directions..... but here's the thing. I was mentally stuck within the confines of the "main part of town" limits. I wasn't letting myself think outside that traffic light at the top of the hill that leads outside of town.

I eventually came across a fire/police department (after Addie asked me if we were still in Florida), and I decided to go inside. I unbuckled the kids and had Addie climb over Ian's chair to come out the same door I was at since it had started raining.

And then I heard it. The sound of a plastic cupcake container being crushed by a size 10 shoe. Addie had stepped right on the cupcakes. Was I mad? Absolutely not! I started to laugh! Oh well. These cupcakes were meant to get to their destination smooshed and imperfect.

The police officer was absolutely sweet as anything and gave the kids candy, and his secretary was a doll. A woman, who also worked there, walked in and saw the address of the location of the party and said, "That's the big church at the top of the hill. I can't believe you missed it!"

What hill is everyone talking about?!

I left with my printed directions and followed them to the T...... and there, outside of town, up on a hill was a big (HUGE, ENORMOUS) church where the party was being held.

We got out of the car and into the church just in time for the group picture. Our leader is super sweet and made an announcement for all of the kids to be sure to give Addie a treat for her box and then to take one of her treats for their box too. I was so glad because I knew she was looking forward to that..... and I had spent an hour the night before writing "My friend" and "Addie" on each of those 60 little candy packets!

Ian's feet, Addie's hands
Throughout our entire adventure, my kids were troopers! No one fussed, not even my little guy who is still rear facing in his car seat. Sometimes, Ian would say "Mum? Mum? Mummum?" and Addie would say in her "little mommy" voice, "Shhh, Ian. Don't talk to Mommy right now. She's trying to find the party."

We got home (in 20 minutes!), but when we found out that Brian would be getting home late I took the kids back out to pick up their McDonald's happy meal and fries. I went through the drive through since it is easier that way and placed my order. I passed the Happy Meal back to Addie and drove off. When we were almost home, Addie let me know that there were no chicken nuggets in her Happy Meal.

After the day we had had......that sounded about right.

This will definitely be a Valentine's for the books.


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