Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Big Man

Ian is getting so big! He is still my baby, but in so many ways, he is growing up so quickly. It almost feels as though he is growing up faster than Addie did. It's so sad!

He can say a lot of words and uses them in the correct context. He calls out "shoes" when I take them out and sits right down so I can put them on him. He signs for "milk" and says "juice." He says "peeze" when he wants something and "day-coo" when he receives it. He calls all books "Bible" and loves being read to. Many days he wakes up asking for a "cookie", and he says "bah-pah" when he sees me reaching for a diaper. He loves "goggies" and can find a picture of a dog in the most obscure places. He has also been known to say "Oww" when he bumps himself. He has been saying "No, no, no" for a while now, but "Yeah" has been learned recently. "Go" is his newest word.

Sometimes his "school time" is done before Addie even begins hers because he gets excited when he sees his crayon for the day and coloring page set up on the table.

Bath time is his favorite part of the day, and one of the few times he fusses is when I take him out of the tub.

He has a favorite show now, too. He loves watching "Timmy Time" on Netflix and bops up and down when we put it on for him. He will even bring us the Wii remote and say something that sounds like "Timmy" and then "peeze".

He walks around the house with a calculator to his ear, and you can always find him in deep conversation saying "Heh-wo" repeatedly to the "person" on the other end of his "phone".

Brian is "daddy" or "da-da", and I am "mum", "ma", or "mummum". He hasn't begun calling Addie anything specific but he goes up and hugs her randomly throughout the day, which convinces her even more than she's going to marry him one day.

He has been teething over the last two weeks and has a mouthful of teeth to prove it, but he hasn't fussed or cried about it at all. He just hasn't had a desire to eat as much as usual, but he has drunk more milk than ever before. Completely understandable.

He is extremely curious and loves pushing buttons. We have to say "No, no" a lot right now.

He is definitely a funny little character and knows how to play and even "joke" around in his own little way.

But even through all the changes I see in him as he grows, he still loves and is very attached to his Momma.

Recently after arriving home from a grocery shopping trip, Ian came running up to me with his arms raised and practically hyperventilating.

I picked him up and asked, "Did you miss me, Bud?"

"No....." was his flat response.

He sure had me fooled.


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