Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Programs for the Kids

Lately we have been taking advantage of several programs provided by local businesses and comminuty services.

We have been going to Home Depot on the first Saturday of each month for their Free Kids Workshops. We have had a great time building, using hammer and nails (yes, I've gotten my thumb smashed once. OUCH!), and painting. Addie loves making stuff and this works out great as calling it our art class for school. Hey, you can't get any craftier than Home Depot, right?

I also like to keep a look out for events happening in our area that are free and are still fun to do. With little ones, anything that gets them out of the house constitutes fun.

Recently our local high schools teamed up with our library to host the yearly reading festival. Kids could play games to earn books, library books that were being circulated out were on sale for very reasonable prices, and students from the high school earned credit for reading to the little ones. I even saw one of my former 5th graders-now a high schooler there reading to the kids. How old did I feel!

If you notice in these photos, my kids are not fans of the Cat in the Hat, Dr. Suess's most famous character. Addie wouldn't even get in the picture, and Ian is obviously not liking the cat being so close. BUT they loved the paper mache sculpture of Horton, the styrofoam "stone" circle with the word UNLESS written on it, and the wooden cut out of the Lorax (and these things didn't even move!).

Around Easter time, the Publix stores in the area have Easter egg hunts in the store for the children. I think this may be an Addie and Mommy only trip since it starts at 6:00 a.m. Check with your Publix for the date of when your store will be hosting theirs. Two years ago, Addie and I got our picture taken with "the rabbit." Ian was there too but you couldn't see him :) I was pregnant.

We are looking forward in May to the kick off of the "Reading with the Rays" program that we did last year. (You can read more here )

There are always programs going on, whether through your church, local library system, local businesses, your Christian radio station, your homeschool group, etc. There are so may options available.

It's time to go out and have some fun!


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