Monday, March 11, 2013

The Alpaca Farm

Last year, you'll remember that we went on our first home school group field trip. So much has changed in that one year span of time.

Ian is mobile. Last year I had to push him in the stroller (which got stuck in the sand and I ended up carrying him anyway). This year, he got to walk a bit. But being the fearless almost 18 month old that he is, he wanted to be right in the middle of the alpacas... and I was NOT going to allow that.

Last year, Addie stayed right beside me the entire time. This year, I was glad I had her wearing bright pink so I could see where she was because she WAS in the thick of things. She hand fed an alpaca and pet several of them. She walked behind the farm owner as we moved from pen to pen.

On the way home all she talked about was alpacas. And now they rank up there as one of her favorite animals along with horses, unicorns, dogs, and cats.


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