Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading Our Way to Easter

A few years ago, my dear friend Kristi sent us a set of Resurrection Eggs. Last year, another dear friend, Sherri, gave us the correlating book Benjamin's Box.

This year, we were able to put the two together. The way we have chosen to do that is reading one part of the story and opening one egg each night. We began on Tuesday night and our last egg will be opened on the night before Easter.

The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus are such powerful events and so central to our beliefs as Christians that I want to make sure that my children always associate these Holy days (holidays) with their true purpose and meaning.

Yes, we put up a tree at Christmas, make cookies, exchange presents, go to parties, watch movies with elves, and wave at Santa as he passes by in the parades, but we are constantly reminding Addie that Christmas is about Jesus being born. (She is the one that announces to everyone that Santa is not real.)

This year, we have dyed eggs, Lord willing, we will participate in a few egg hunts, we'll color pictures of eggs, but Addie is daily told that Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross and coming back to life (keeping the language real for her) so that she can go to heaven one day because He loves her.

Ian is not involved in our evening reading this year, but I look forward to him and Addie taking turns next year opening an egg each night as we read through our story again.

We are starting a tradition.

I like that.


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