Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finding What Works

Families are made up of several people with different personalities.

I tend to be a morning person. I like waking up and getting things done. Ian is like me. He wakes up ready to play, talk, and run around the house checking every room to see if everyone else is ready to go, too.

Brian and Addie are not morning people. Not that they are grumpy by any means, but getting started in the morning takes time for them.

The schedules and routines I have had in the past have always revolved around my personality- get up and get it done.

Over the last few weeks, I have been evaluating "my" way and how our family flows. I have found that I have been setting myself up for disaster because I am such a "chop-chop" person and the only other person with my personality is 18 months old- as enthusiastic as he is, he is not big enough to really "help."

The other change for me has been my wake up time. Since the time change, 5:45 a.m. has not worked. It is too early! Really! It's really like waking up at 4:45 a.m. and that is just not happening. Plus, since the time change, Ian has begun waking up at 5:45 raring to go which meant I would have to wake up even earlier if I was going to wake up before the family. Totally not happening! So I have been waking up when Brian's alarm goes off. It works out better for my body and for our evenings because it means I can stay awake to enjoy my time with my husband.

Now, we have a more relaxed flow to our morning. There are no times for specific things to happen, but when I look at the clock, things are falling at the same times daily.

Our days are smooth flowing, relaxed, and pleasant. As a wife and mother, it is my responsibility to find what works for our family as opposed to what works for me or others. I have also found that what worked at one season of life will probably not work in a change of season. What worked when Addie was our only child did not work when Ian joined our family, and as Ian has grown everything has had to change again. It just means a little extra work on my part to make sure that my family "works" the way it is supposed to.

Next week, I'll have a photo video of what our day looks like. I promise it will be fun!


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