Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Our Craft On

I have always enjoyed making crafts.

By myself.

I know the type of crafter I am and I can control the type of mess and how quickly I can clean up the mess I have made.

When others are added into the mix, there is no telling what can happen.

When I was a classroom teacher, I would basically tell my homeroom mother that any and all crafts were her department (right, Cathy R?). Crafts with others is just not my cup of tea (or coffee).

So, God decided to give me children who love to make things! Crafts to be exact.

And I have (finally) decided to go with it!

As the summer approaches and school work has finished for us, I am trying to plan what types of activities we will do around here. I am thinking along the lines of a specific type of activity for each day of the week.

And Monday will be Make-It Monday!

We gave it a shot yesterday, and it worked out pretty well.

Addie picked a princess coloring page to paint, and Ian was put in his high chair with a huge dollop of whipped cream to "finger paint" with. Although, when he discovered that it was edible.... well, let's just say craft time was over.

We used our painting time as a learning experience, even though Addie didn't quite know it at the time. We took out our good paints in primary colors that GrandTiti and Uncle Jack had gotten us years ago, and we decided which colors Addie would need to complete her picture. Then we mixed our paints to make the colors that she needed. White with a little bit of brown made the skin color, we changed the shade of blue we had by adding white, we made purple by mixing the blue and red, etc.

I have also been on Pinterest looking for activities to do with the kids over the summer (here and here). Acti
vities that are not necessarily "school" type activities, but are really more fun than anything. When the fall comes, we will be diving right into our books, but for now we are just taking a break and having fun. 


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