Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Facebook Page

This is our VBS week, and I think it is the best VBS that I have been a part of to date! I have an adult helper who is an excellent teacher in her own right and three fabulous teen helpers who don't have to be told what to do. These teens actually look for ways to help and are so hands on with the kids that I really only have to prepare and teach my lesson and our team takes over the rest. And the kids! Oh my! What can I say! They are too cute for words and are such an awesome group. (By the way.... I do not have a streak of grey in my hair like the picture makes it appear. VBS has NOT been that stressful :)

But, that isn't what I planned on posting on today.........

I have decided to open up a Facebook page for The Joy of Homemaking!

This is a decision that came after a lot of prayer and talking it through with Brian and someone else whose advice has always been solid.

This new Facebook page will be a place where I will give you updates only related to homekeeping, mothering, tips, recipes, etc. This is not my personal FB page so very little personal stuff will be found here, this is exclusively for the blog. As such, when a post comes out, it will update the Facebook page so there will never be a missed post (cool, right?!). If I happen across a great "Pin", I'll share it and you will get a first hand look at what may be of interest to you.

If you choose to, go ahead and like this page and share it with others. The more the merrier!


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