Monday, August 26, 2013

The Archives | Superbook and Sesame Street

What our children view and hear influences them greatly whether we realize it or not. When what they see is matched by what they are taught by us, you have a powerful combination that is very hard to tear down.

We make sure that our children watch a Biblically based show or movie before they can watch anything else later in the day. One of our favorites is Superbook put out by CBN Ministries.

On Sunday, Addie and I were watching the episode "The Last Battle" and S*tan told the little boy in the story that the wronging doing that the boy had done was not his fault but God's fault.

Addie jumped up and yelled at the TV, "That's not right! It's not God's fault! It's yours! You're wrong!"

This isn't the first time she has gotten all fired up about God's Word when watching Superbook. In this post from the archives, Superbook and Sesame Street, we are going to talk about the influences that we expose our children to, and you will get to see another moment when Addie (at a year and a half) got fired up to the account of David and Goliath. 


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