Thursday, October 31, 2013

National Field Trip Month

October is National Field Trip month, and I must say we celebrated in a very big way this year.
We started out our month with a field trip to the Florida Aquarium.
We are so blessed to have a Grandma who joins us on our adventures (and keeps me from getting lost!)
This was my favorite photo from the entire day (thanks, Mom L!). I love field trips because they take us out of the house, away from our normal chores, and create a block of uninterrupted time together.
Over the summer, I had gotten Addie a book on Sea Life (knowing that we would be studying sea life at some point in science). I gave it to her the morning of our field trip, and she looked through it the entire drive down to the aquarium. Then, when we were at the aquarium itself, she matched the fish she saw to the ones in her book.
Ian was mesmerized by all of the "Fish!" If it swam, it was a fish. Sharks included.
The day after our trip to the aquarium we headed to Georgia for a mini-vacation, but I snuck a field trip to Stone Mountain in. A definite "must see." We plan on going back when the kids are a bit older because there was so much we didn't see because (age wise) they are not ready yet.

Last Monday, the kids and I headed to a local farm for their fall corn maze and other fun farm activities. This totally has the makings of a yearly tradition.
There was a little hay maze that the kids tried out. Ian got so frustrated that he couldn't find his way out that he stopped, looked at me, and emphatically said, "Mommy, I get out!"
Tuesday was our last field trip for the month of October. It was a Mother/Daughter Tea at a local tea room with our homeschool group.

We have a couple more field trip to take this fall even though technically they will not be in National Field Trip month. Brian and I are taking a trip to Sea World with the kids. Ian is at the age where he loves animals (as we saw at the aquarium and farm), and Addie has been studying killer whales, walruses, penguins (the Antarctica exhibit opened this spring), seals, and sharks in science. It is the perfect way for us to end that unit.

We also have other trips to another farm and then a wildlife sanctuary. Field trip days equal busy days, but we are learning so much in some pretty fun, hands-on ways.


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