Monday, December 2, 2013

Archives | Yes, You Can Decorate for Christmas with Small Children

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Decorating for Christmas with small ones can some times make mothers nervous, but it is possible.

If the expectation of obedience has already been established in your home, then your child knows that he expected to obey the "no touching" rule when it comes to the tree, gifts and any other decorations.

The post for today, Yes, You Can Decorate for Christmas with Small Children, was written last year when Ian was just over a year old. This year (obviously) he is just over 2. He is more mobile and more excited than he was last year. So here is an update on how he is doing.

Our first decoration to put out was our Nativity scene. It is a ceramic set. One day he got excited about the Baby Jesus and went to grab it. I gasped, said, "No, no. No touch," and he has been pretty good about not touching, although we did choose to purchase the Little People Christmas Story Nativity  set in order to help divert his attention and give him something he can actually play with and touch.

When we decorated the tree, I let Ian hand me some of the ornaments. He was thrilled! He has one particular ornament that he likes to flick around (an M&M ornament) and that is it. He has been told not to touch the tree and is now quite content to see under it and stare at everything with the wonder only a 2 year can have at Christmas.

Addie, on the other hand, has grown into a huge helper. She helps me string the lights, and helps with the decorating of the tree. It is wonderful seeing how the work I out into her early on has paid off now.

Have a great time decorating with your little ones!


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