Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 Day Mom Challenge

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

If you follow our Facebook page, you have seen that I am working on the 30 Day Mom Challenge

Yes, it is a challenge.

A challenge in that it is definitely not easy.

Not easy to realize that Day 2 was going to be a little harder than you imagined, because that was the day no one wanted to cooperate. Life is just easier when we all cooperate.

Day 3 was easy. We hug each other all the time!

Day 4 was a little harder. A friend commented that her son still sleeps in a crib, so unless she grew a giraffe neck, that would be a challenge. When I stopped laughing, I realized Ian sleeps in a crib, too!

Day 6 got started pretty well. We had the batter going for our banana bread (baking a favorite food), and then because of a series of unfortunate events, our mix ended up all over the kitchen floor. Nothing was baked that day.

And then along came Day 8. Calculate how many weekends are left until your child graduates from high school. Just thinking about this one makes me cry.


Because motherhood is a challenge. Not just for 30 days, but all the time.

Because we have good days and bad days.

Because God has given us these gifts that are to be loved and cherished and then set free.

Because we look at our children in awe of who they are and then in disbelief at what they just did or said.

Because we love our children like no one in the world can.

Because as much as our job is to train them to grow into a young man and woman for God, we don't really want them to grow up.

Because as much as they yell "Mom!" we still love hearing our name called.

Because I would rather live with the "not knowing" how long I have with them than count down every weekend until they graduate.

Because all of those toys we get tired of picking up will all be gone one day, our homes will finally be clean, but empty.

Because one day they will grow up and leave, and these moments that we have with them now will be gone and lost if we don't take advantage of them while they are ours.

Because I love my children.

Like no one else does.


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