Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Dinner | A Challenge

Family dinner.

Nowadays, it sounds like a luxury for a family to be able to sit down at the table together in order to have family dinner.

Between soccer practice, baseball season, dance class, piano lessons, play dates, and a whole host of other activities and distractions, families are not sitting at the table together as often.

What are the benefits of family dinner?

  • teen substance abuse is lower
  • healthier eating habits are developed
  • teen girls are less likely to contemplate suicide
  • it can be a prevention measure to childhood obesity
  • adolescents are emotionally healthier
These benefits alone seems well worth the effort of meal planning and designating a time for the family together around the table a few times a week.

Why do we do it?

  • Because we enjoy our time together around the table.
  • Because our children are learning proper table manners.
  • Because our children are learning how to take the time to sit and eat with us and engage in conversation.
  • Because our table has seen lots of laughter and messes.
  • Because Brian and I grew up having family dinner, and we want to pass along this great tradition to our own children.
I am joining bloggers across the nation in encouraging families to sit down together to enjoy a family dinner.

It is a time together that you will not regret.

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