Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Addie's Blog

As a mother, my greatest concern is for the salvation and spiritual growth of my children. Sometimes, I feel that in my efforts to do what is best for them, I forget that they have a free will and ultimately have to choose to serve the Lord for themselves (not serve Him because Mommy tells them to do so). Oh that is so hard!

God is so loving and kind to us, though. He sees the burdens of our hearts, the sincerity of our desires for our children, and knows how to settle our spirits in a way that no one else can.

About a month and a half ago, Addie asked if she could write a blog (I don't know where that idea came from- wink, wink!). Our word processing program was working at the time, so I opened it up and let her go to town.She quietly got to work, and I had no idea what she was writing.

Then she piped up, "Mom, how do I spell 'people'?"

I spelled it out and moved on. A few minutes later (it takes little fingers a little longer to find the letters on a keyboard) she asked her daddy for the spelling of 'believe'.

Not too long after, Brian called me into the office where they were. He had a big, proud smile.

Addie was beaming proudly as she asked me to read her "blog." (pictured above)

The urge to burst into tears was forefront in my emotions, but instead I smiled as big as I could, took a picture of her "blog," and told her how proud I was.

God used the desire of a daughter to imitate her mommy to show me what was in her heart. She knew that God loved her and everyone else and that our desire should be to love Him in return. We also have to believe in Him, not because Mommy or Daddy says so. Because "the BIBLE says so."

I think that for an at-the-time 5 year old, she had a pretty good handle on the basics of our faith in Christ.

As for me, I will continue praying for my children- that God makes Himself very real to them, that Mommy and her human efforts do not get in the way of the relationship that God wants to develop with my children, and that my children can see past my faults and flaws to the forgiveness that God gives us if we ask for it.

After all, God loves my children even more than I do.... and I love them a whole lot.


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