Friday, April 18, 2014

Investing in Us

Brian and I arrived home yesterday after a five day (early) anniversary getaway.

It was a special time for us as a couple.
Holding hands.
Having adventures.
Discovering new places.
Catching up on much needed rest.
Getting dressed up for dinner.
Planning for our future.
Planning for our family's future.

I learned from my parents when I was a little girl that a couple needs to get away in order to reconnect in a way that normal life does not allow.

My parents did that regularly.

Time together, as a couple, is so important.

Because as much as we love our children, and many times for moms our worlds seem to revolve around them and their needs, one day they will grow up and leave our nest. (And believe me, if you leave them in hands you can trust, they will be just fine!)

Will we find ourselves with a stranger we said a few words to when we came up for air in the busy whirlwind of life, or with someone we have invested time in building memories and a relationship with?

Your husband is worth the investment of time.


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