Monday, June 22, 2009


Books have always been a part of Addie's everyday, but they have recently become a very big part of her personal enjoyment. Many times, we will find her sitting on the floor in either her room or the living room quietly flipping through her books. When we leave the house to run an errand, I always make sure she has a book in the back seat with her. When her grand-parents come over, they are brought one of her many books, she plops herself into their lap (or asks to be picked up), and then she sits back and enjoys her books being read to her yet again. She never gets bored of hearing these stories. Each person has their own way of reading, and if they are willing to read, she will listen. Her favorite books right now are Little Boy Jesus, Big Bird's First Book of Letters, The Beginner's Bible Donkey's Big Find (and the Good Samaritan's Rescue), and The Beginner's Bible Little Lamb's Big Scare (and the Shepherd's Great Care). It makes me so happy that she enjoys reading and being read to. And to think, she has so many books yet to discover.


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