Thursday, June 25, 2009


I found the idea for this post on Ali Edward's blog a couple of days ago. I thought it was a great idea to try once in a while. So here I go...

Outside my window...the sun is shining on my crocus plants (these beautiful plants make me so happy!).

I am thinking... of all of the scrapbooking yet to be done (what an overwhelming thought!).

I am thankful for... the hard worker that Brian is, and that he is coming home tonight after working out of town since Monday.

From the kitchen... tonight we are having Mexican Pizza- recipe from the Old El Paso Gordita box (an amazing coupon purchase that I would never have bought otherwise).

I am wearing... black capris, blue tie-back top over a gray t-shirt.

I am creating... several scrapbook pages using my favorite new tool- a square punch.

I am going... to have a nice cup of Raspberry Zinger hot tea when I finish this post (surprised some of you with that- hehe). A buy one box get the other box free purchase from Publix this week- I love that store!

I am reading... through the book of Jeremiah. I watched a movie called Jeremiah recently off of the Gospel Music Channel and realized that I had never really read the book of Jeremiah before. Yes, I had read a verse here and a verse there, but I had never read it from beginning to end with the idea of trying to understand what was going on. The whole book pretty much condemns Jerusalem and, especially, its leaders for following after other gods and not putting their faith and trust in the One True God. But I tell you what, the way God speaks is so beautiful and poetic, so loving and yet firm. It is so obvious that He wanted to show compassion and mercy but because of the choices of the people, He had to bring judgement. Sound familiar?

I am hoping... that Brian comes home early enough to just relax a bit before dinner, and that Addie squeals when she sees him.

Around the house... I have constant reminders of the beautiful little gift that God has given to Brian and me. From toys and books to my scrapbooking foam stamps that have been taken out of their box and strewn across the office floor. Wow, do I love that little person!

One of my favorite things... is having Addie bring me a book and then having her plop herself down in my lap. She doesn't ask to sit, she just does. I love that she knows that my lap is for her, and that she is allowed to make use of it whenever she wants.


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