Friday, August 28, 2009

...Be Sensible...

" be sensible..." The next small phrase of Titus 2:3-5 uses a word or derivative of a word that we tend to throw around a lot. Many times we know what we mean when we use the word, but do we know what the word really means?

Sensible means having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgement; cognizant; keenly aware ( So how are we as women to be sensible? Personally I think it means that we are to use common sense in our behavior, dress, attitudes, and decisions.

Behavior- How many times do we dread seeing someone because we know how they have behaved in past gatherings. We know what bothers us, but did it ever occur to us that we have characteristics and quirks that may bother others. We need to pray that God reveals areas in our lives that are unpleasant to those around us- speech, actions, conversation- so that we can be a blessing and not a dread. Being loud, brash, crude, and overly opinionated are just some ways to not show a sensible spirit.

Dress- I know you've seen them too. Women who are trying to attract the wrong kind of men by the way they are packaging themselves or are trying to look decades younger but end up looking ridiculous. How we dress says a lot about us. My father used to say, "If what you are wearing causes peoples eyes to rest on one spot (body part), then what you are wearing is immodest." We need to be sure that we dress in a modest, God pleasing, attractive way so that we will not cause another to stumble in their walk with the Lord and will keep our testimony solid.

Attitudes- Believe it or not our attitudes can be read without us saying a word. We need to make sure that we are sensitive to those around us and sensible in the attitudes that we give off. Our attitudes tell a lot about us. We may say one thing with our mouths, but our attitudes will tell the truth about how we feel. How many times have we shown by our attitudes that we are bored by someone, tired of having to entertain a guest, or bothered by how much food someone has eaten? Being sensible in our attitudes is so important for women who are looking to please the Lord.

Decisions- It is so easy to make what my father calls a "knee-jerk" decision based on what we see directly infront of us without being aware of the domino affect of our quick choices. Being sensible in our decisions to me means praying and asking God for wisdom as we go through the process of examining all of the angles of the situation, discussing the options with our husbands or others in our lives whose godly opinions we value, taking it to the Lord again, and then doing what God has directed us to do. It may take time, but that is okay. Better a choice made with plenty of time than a quick decision that we will regret for a long time.

As God has been pointing out each phrase of this verse to me, I have been trying with His help to begin practicing these lessons on a day to day basis. I have successful days and days that I could have done better in, but I know that God is helping me grow in each area. I look forward to beginning each new day with a fresh, clean slate for God to work with. God is also using others around me to help me grow in my walk with Him. I have so much that I want to share, but that will have to wait for another day.


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