Monday, August 31, 2009


When I think of the word pure, I think of something clean, refreshing, innocent, untainted, and beautiful. What a wonderful word! And to think that it is a word that God wants to use to describe us as women who love and serve Him. But how can we be pure? Some ideas came to mind for myself on how I can be pure before God.

I need to be without blemish and above reproach. That means I need to ask God on a daily basis to keep my spiritual feet on the straight and narrow, never turning to the left or right. I need to rely on His strength, not my own, to do what I know is right and good before Him and not my own desires. I also need to make sure that my behavior is above reproach or correction. I need to think before speaking or acting so that I do not do something that will require correction from the Lord or put questions in the minds of others about the validity of my testimony. Will we make mistakes? Unfortunately, yes. But we need to begin each day dedicating it to God and not with a mindset that we are going to mess up, but rather asking ourselves how are we going to please God. And if we do slip up, then we need to immediately repent and make restitution to those we have hurt or offended.

As a woman, I need to be faithful in my heart to my husband. We have images all around us (TV, magazines, billboards, merchandise signs, etc.) and it is so easy for us as women to compare what we have against what we see. I know that some women speak of crushes they have on actors, singers, and entertainers, but think about the message that a statement like that is sending across. It says that I am married to my husband but dream I had this other man instead. And what message is that sending to the man that you vowed to love above all others, to love and cherish until death do you part? That he is not good enough. That he isn't the image of a man that attracts you. Crushes are for young girls, not married women. Being pure in heart and faithful in our hearts to our husbands also means to me that we should not picture ourselves in a movie we may be watching playing opposite the hero. If you find yourself welling up with "crushy" feelings for a particular entertainer, actor, singer, or even just another man that you know personally, I would urge you for the sake of the Lord, your husband, children, and marriage that you remove yourself from the situation. The Bible says that we need to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and the Word of God tells us that we are to be faithful to the one we have married (Exodus 20:14). This goes along with being without blemish and above reproach.

As I go through the day today, I will be asking God to show me ways in my day to day walk that I can apply these principles of being pure in heart. I am so thankful that God loves us so much that He has not left us to figure things out for ourselves, but is willing to take an active part in our walk with Him if we ask Him to. I am asking, Lord.


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