Thursday, December 17, 2009

Addie's Hat

Ecclesiastes 9:10a- Whatever your hands find to do, verily, do it with all your might.
I have mentioned in the past that I have picked up my crocheting needles again. I realized that while at one time in my life, projects that took a longer amount of time were gratifying, that is no longer the case. I also came to realize that the type, color and texture of the yarn has a great deal to do with the enjoyment of the process. And believe me, I have been enjoying to crochet.

I decided that Brian's afghan works as an oversized shawl draped over the office sofa and I have washed my hands of it. Beside we have so many crocheted afghans around here by more experienced crocheters that my unfinished afghan won't even be noticed. And...I have no idea what happened to the book that the pattern came from (I'm thinking I accidently sold it at a garage sale-oops!).
I have come to love smaller projects. By smaller I am not saying that they are one night projects (well for my mom-in-law they might be. I have never seen anyone crochet as fast as she does!), but they may take a week or two or less, depending on how much time I am able to put into them. The hat above was one of those quick, easy, while Addie was napping projects. The free pattern to make it can be found here.
I am also working on a sweater for her right now. I began on Sunday afternoon and I am trying to have it finished no later than Saturday so she can wear it when we go to see some Christmas lights. It is labeled as "experienced" but I decided to go for it anyway. I'll post the pattern link for it when I post the picture.
Today's video is the new song by Matthew West and Amy Grant called Give This Christmas Away. There are some clips of Veggie Tales in there (the song is on the new video St. Nicholas), so Addie Baby, this one is for you.


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