Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brooksville Raid- Part 3

These were the pictures that really moved me. Human life was lost. Men fought. Injuries hurt. Freedom was won.
This group was called the "Ice Angels" by the reenactors. They traveled around the "battlefield" giving bottled water to the "wounded" and checking to see if anyone really did need medical attention.

One of the reenactors we met was an African-American gentleman. Brian noticed the "54" on his hat when he was leaning over trying to fix a piece on his rifle. As fans of the movie "Glory" (with TVGaurdian, of course), Brian recognized that unit as being the unit portrayed in the movie. We approached him and began talking with him. He gave us our own private history lesson on the uniform of a Civil War soldier, the guns, and the unit. I told him that we noticed his unit number as being from the movie "Glory". He smiled and said, "Yes, and I was in the movie, too." Totally awesome moment!


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