Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keeping Track of the Stories

Technology has really managed to find its way into every aspect of our lives. From microwave ovens to coffee pots to computers and cell phones, we are always reaching for something that is based on technology. The idea behind it all is that these items are supposed to make life easier for us and reduce the time we would have taken without them, but sometimes they make for some hilarious mix ups.
One of my goals in applying the word simplify to my life this year is to capture these stories and put them on a scrapbook layout as close to it happening as possible. The layout itself can also be simple- words and pictures and little to no embellishments. I found that last year, I would make a mental note (which made for a lot of mental clutter- if that is even possible) to make a layout with "that story", allowed time to pass, the memory faded, and I have no layout with the story for my family to look back on. I am so thankful for the blog because it really helps me to keep track of some of the stories in our lives, but I also want to always have a hard copy for future reference.

So yesterday, when a "story" happened, I made sure that when Addie went down for her nap, writing the story was the first thing I did. It is a funny story, and Brian and I have laughed about it very much since it happened.

My cousin Alaina stayed with us for a little less than a week (if you are reading this, I miss you, Mama.). While she was here, she showed us so many tricks associated with texting that we didn't know about. So while we were driving around town (let me clarify, Brian was driving), Alaina, Faye, and I would text each other while we were all in the same car. When she left, I continued texting Alaina to check on her flight and to make sure she landed safely.

When Brian went back to work on Monday, I really missed him. I am so thankful that he is such a hard worker so that I can stay home with Addie, but it was so nice to have him here during the previous week. While I was driving around running errands on Monday, I used that time to pray for Brian and Addie and their safety. I suddenly got an urge to call Brian to tell him how much I missed him. When I picked up my cell phone, I saw that I had missed a text from him. It said, "I love you and miss you bigger. Can't wait to get home!"

I immediately called him to let him know that I felt the same way about him. He began laughing. "That is the second time I sent that message," he said. "I only got it once," I replied. "Yeah, because I sent it to the wrong person the first time," he was still laughing. "Who did you send it to?" I began laughing on my end since I began imagining who had gotten the original text and what their reaction might have been.

"Let's just say that Tim (his co-worker) texted me saying 'I love you, too'." I could hear Tim laughing in the background at this point.

We died laughing.

It is moments like this that I don't want to forget. The simple moments that sometimes go by unnoticed. The events that connect us as a couple. The times that make us laugh together. These are the stories that I want to keep track of this year. If I stay on top of them, I won't have a mind cluttered with mental post-it notes of things I need to do. This is one little step that I want to take this year towards simlifying. Keeping track of the stories as they happen.
Photo editing software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 (my Christmas gift!), Today You Overlay: Ali Edwards from Designing Digitals, You + Me circle accent: Peppermint Creative Momitude Kit. I chose these pictures from a totally unrelated event because they showed us laughing together and just loving each other.


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