Monday, December 20, 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Postponed

Because of busy family weekends, both Kristi and I are postponing this week's Mommy Movie Review.  Lord permitting, tomorrow, I will have a regular blog post up and running. 

Until then, here is a recent Addie "thing".

For some reason, Addie equates being awake with being happy.  On Saturday, Addie just couldn't seem to fall asleep during her naptime.  I think that Brian being home after being away on business had something to do with that.  I had her sit with me on the sofa for a bit, but she thought that was a treat so I sent her back to her room.  A few minutes later, I heard her crying in her bed and saying, "But I'm happy."  If she only knew how funny she sounded.


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