Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

This has been a great beginning to the New Year.  On Friday night we had Faye, Jim, and Dad over.  Between Wii competitions, exchanging Christmas gifts, Grandpa rocking Addie to sleep (a real treat for her since that just does not happen around here), praying as a group before the New Year came in, and then celebrating together as the ball dropped, we certainly made a memory (remember my word for 2011).  Faye and Jim stayed the night and then we parted ways until the evening. 

We met up with Dad, his friend, my in-laws, Jim and Faye, and an aunt and uncle of mine for dinner and then went to see a hockey game.  And I must say, my mom-in-law is way cool!  She was be-bopping along with me, cheering, and having a grand old time right along with us.

Great memories made. 

Addie had her own little adventure going on.  She stayed with Lala (my aunt Elsa) and Uncle Johnny.  My cousin, Lisa, and her family visited with them and then they all headed out to McD's for fries and ice cream (an ideal combo for my little one). 

This was also the weekend that I began Project Life. 

I couldn't decide on just one photo because we had two different adventures happening simultaneously, so I chose these two pictures.  The one of Brian and me as the 4x6  for the album and the one of Addie I am blowing up to a 5x7 as adding it to the album as a floating page. 

On Mondays, I'll be sharing the photos from the previous week that I have chosen to use in our Project Life album, and the digital layouts/enlargements that I make for it as well.

You can also see our photos through our Flikr album (button is on the side bar). 

We are really excited as a family to do Project Life. Hope you are finding a way to record your memories in 2011.


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