Monday, March 14, 2011

Speak to Your Mountain, March Around Your Walls

I don't know why, but in the day and age we live in, many times we view the miracles in the Bible as being stuck in that time period.  We look at our lives as being to big for God to handle, our problems too strong for Him to bear, and our situations unlike any one else's, and our time being too far separated from times when God "could". 

We talk about God and how big and strong He is in the context of the Scriptures, but many times we do not believe that His miracles can be performed today, that His hand cannot reach into the 21st century, that the last word in Revelation was the end of His works and now we just live in faith on what He used to do.

I am way beyond that and so tired of God being put into a box.

Since last Sunday, I have been taking my prayer list outside with me every day, and after I hang my laundry, I begin marching around my house.  Our house represents the figurative walls that are standing in our way, walls that need to come down in our lives and in the lives of loved ones, walls that are keeping loved ones trapped in situations that they feel are beyond their control.  And I pray that those walls (figuratively) fall. 

Addie joins me on this walk.  We walk around and around until I reach the end of the list and then we go inside.  And although I know that Addie picks up everything that goes on around her, it didn't hit me that she really understands what I am doing until a couple of days ago when she said, "Mommy, I pray! Dear God....."  She stopped and then said, "I'm done."  On Sunday, she went outside with me again, and when we started walking she said again, "Mommy, I pray! Dear God...." and she touched the leaves on one of our freshly planted palms, "I ask blessing on this flower. Amen.  Your turn, Mommy."

As we watched Dr. Creflo Dollar on Sunday, he told his congregation to speak to their mountains that they be moved. That is the kind of faith that I want my daughter to see, hear, and know.  The kind of faith that walks around walls and sees then crumble to the ground.  The kind of faith that speaks to a situation and sees results not because of the words used but the faith behind the words.  I want my daughter to know that when a situation arises, going to the Lord in prayer is the first course of action for her to take. 

I look forward to my "walks".  They are my times where I can speak with God.  There are the times that my daughter (and the growing baby) hears my conversations with Him as she is running back and forth in the yard.  They are the times when I put feet to my faith.  They are the times where I don't care how strange I must look as I walk circles around the four walls.  They are the times when I really understand how Mom must have felt when she went into her "prayer closet".  They are the times that I pray Addie never forgets. 

Don't be afraid to walk around your walls and to tell your mountains to be moved. God is still in the business of making walls fall.


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