Friday, March 11, 2011

Memories | Our 3 Year Appointment

Yesterday was Addie's 3 year appointment.

I had been preparing her for the upcoming appointment by telling her that the doctor was so nice and was going to check her ears to see if he could find Mickey Mouse, check her mouth to see if he could find Goofy, and check how tall she is.  By the time we were done talking, Addie couldn't wait to go to the doctor's office.  In fact, she woke up yesterday morning saying, "I want to see the doctor!"

Well, all of that preparation was quickly lost when the nurse tried to measure Addie's length.  Because the nurses at our doctor's office are the ones who administer the shots, that is all Addie remembered.  She began crying and made it rather difficult for her measurements to be taken.  (Sounds very much like her own mother when she was a little girl! In fact, my pediatrician nicknamed me "the little tiger!") 

However, we did get her weight (29.6 pounds) and her height (37 inches) and her head size was just over 19 inches.  She is in the 50% range in her growth which is fine with me. 

The doctor came in and Addie immediately covered her ears!  There was no way that she was going to let the doctor look for Mickey Mouse!  Unfortunately for her, Mommy and Lala (Titi Elsie) put together are stronger than she is, and we were able to hold her down so the doctor could carry on with his exam. 

After giving her a clean bill of health, he warned us that her 4 year appointment would have at least 3 shots.  He recommended that we bring Daddy or Uncle Johnny along because we would need someone very strong to hold her down for her shots since she will be a year stronger by then. 

At least I now have a full year to prepare her for our next doctor's visit!


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