Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Club Thursday | Mama Made the Difference

Mamas Teach Us That Love Has the Last Laugh

I found it ironic that this weeks chapter dealt with the same characters our Tuesday Life Lessons posts have dealt with.  It was so beautifully put by Rev. T.D. Jakes in this chapter that I will be quoting quite a bit from him today.  As always, quotes will be printed in bold type.

As I write to you today, I have the distinct feeling of being used of God to encourage a mother in waitng to hold on to her dream.  I am not only addressing a mother who is waiting for a child, though that would be nice- but maybe a mother who is waiting on a child to get saved or a mother who is waiting on a thirty-something son to mature. Mothers often have to wait through tough things.  Do not give up, though. Help is on the way!

We are all waiting for something.  We all have a dream that we want fulfilled.  But when we look around us at our circumstances, situations, the here and now reality of our day to day lives, it seems impossible in the natural for those dreams to be fulfilled.  That is where God steps in and gives us a promise to hold on to.  Do not let go of that promise.  Almost a year ago, I believe that God gave Brian and me a promise that we have yet to see fulfilled.  We are not letting go even though we have not seen anything happeneing in the direction of that promise.  But every once in a while, God will toss a little reminder our way of the promise, and it fills us with hope that He is working even when it looks like nothing else is.

Unfortunately, Sarai's wait got the better of her. She grew tired of waiting on God.  After all, she had been waiting on a child for more than eighty years- and that is a long time.  We have all been tempted to take matters into our own hands when the delay of God's promises becomes unbearable.  We have all begun to wonder if we even heard him speak to us at all.

Doubt is S*tan's favorite weapon to use on us.  It doesn't take much for him to plant that little seed of doubt about a promise that God gave us, and it takes even less for that seed to sprout and take root.  Do not let doubt enter your mind.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it!

It is dangerous to take matters into your own hands. I know how tempting it is to help God bless you, but, inreality, He does not need your help to bless you and He does not need your help to protect you.

Oh, for those of us that feel the need to take control of everything concerning us, this is extremely difficult!  Especially as wives and mothers.  We are always the one to step in to make something better, so when it comes to our own lives, we try to do the same thing.  However, God does not need our help! (Say that to yourself a few times....) He did not need our help when He created the world in 7 days, and He certainly does not need our help in taking care of the much smaller things that enter our lives. 

God is going to make you laugh too.  Now that is no big deal for some of you.  You have had joy all your life.  But there are some who have gone through so much that you are not laughing anymore.  Life has dealt you some tough blows and now you find yourself empty and depleted.  But when God makes us laugh, it is often because we have been through so much that the idea of getting a blessing like that at a time like this- well, it is hilarious.

Have you ever just laughed because the blessings that God has given you are just unbelievable for the human understanding to comprehend?  That is the kind of laughter that God delights in giving us.  If you haven't laughed that we, get ready for a good, hearty laugh!

My sister, let me remind you that God's timing is perfect.  He has His reasons for taking His own sweet time.  Even when you can hardly wait, when you think you may burst wide open if you have to wait another minute, God is patiently orchestrating every aspect of your desire, arranging every piece of it in perfect order, making sure all the people and places and things involved are at their peak of preparation.

Now is the time to get ready for the greatest season in your life.  Yes, Sarah learned that God often does His greatest work when you have decided that it is too late.  Prepare for what He has promised, for you do not have much time.  The miracle is on its way and the preparations should be in place. Your dream is about to be born!  


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