Friday, March 25, 2011

Memories | Some of Ours

These are some of the photos from our Project Life album.  This project has really made me focus on things I would not otherwise think about.  I am appreciating little moments, little things, the seemingly insignificant as being the foundation to what makes us a family and the way we are all growing in that role.

This is a daily scene outside our dining room window.  Some days the entire clothes line is filled and other days it looks like this.  I love that time in the morning when we go outside to hang the laundry.  Addie especially likes when I have something long hanging down that she can run through.

This was the picture I took of Addie with Lala at the doctor's office.  We tried to get her to look at the camera, but this picture is more realistic of our time there than if she had posed and smiled.

Our pride and joy right now.  We worked so hard on ripping up the old landscaping and putting in new plants and replacing the tree bark mulch with red mulch.  This was literally an eight hour job for us, but we love the result. Every day, we look outside to see which plants are flowering and which ones are growing.  Addie gets into the action, too, by checking out the window and calling to us that we have flowers.  Next project... paint our shutters and front door... and maybe add some window boxes.

Addie has been playing with her dolls so well (I'm feeling better about how she will treat little Squishy).  She alternates daily which doll she will "baby", but her daily companion lately has been her beanie dog named Taffy that Lala gave her for Christmas.  She puts this little dog into a basket bed, reads the "Bible" to him, kisses him "Good night", and then asks me to "talk quietly because Taffy is sleeping."  I love watching her play Mommy.  It is also very eye opening for me because it is the best way I have of watching myself, since she is imitating what she sees me do.

One of the pleasures of having a little girl is getting to doll her up.  Last Friday was the first time Addie got to wear nail polish.  She saw me putting it on my toe nails and wanted some on hers. I told her that she had to go ask Daddy and whatever he said we would do.  Daddy, of course, said yes. He is a staunch supporter of little girls doing girly things. Addie was careful to stay still until they dried.  And did she show them off!  It was really a lot of fun and a special moment for us to share.

We have been taking advantage of our passes to Busch Gardens.  Addie has a plan of what she wants to see and where she wants to go when we get there.  We definitely prefer going during the week as opposed to weekends.  It was so much more crowded, and people were so rude.  We were just glad that Addie had a great time.  That is why we went, after all.

Fathers definitely become more lenient when they become grandfathers!  The things this girl gets away with is beyond my comprhension!   He always comes bearing gifts of some kind.  This week it was a package of crayons and a Dora coloring book.  He gets down on the floor in playroom to play and read stories (yep, it's a grandfather thing) and literally has his toes stepped on umpteen times during his visits, but he always comes back for more.  Sometimes, when I am trying to deal with something that she has just done, he'll laugh and say, "You used to do that, too! It's payback!"

My in-laws have the best lawn in the entire world!  It is the only grass that I ever walk through barefoot.  It is so thick, green, and feels so good on my feet.  Sometimes, I even take Addie shoes off and let her run through the grass barefooted.  It is an experience every child needs.... depending on the grass.


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