Monday, March 28, 2011

Spontaneous Gatherings

I love spontaneous get togethers.  Those always seem to be the most wonderful times spent with loved ones.  We had such a time last night, and it was simply wonderful.

Earlier in the day, my brother-in-law called Brian and after a few minutes on the phone, Brian invited him and his 2 year old son over.  I had planned on running out to the grocery store so I wouldn't have to take Addie shopping  at three grocery stores today, so as I left they arrived.  I knew my mom-in-law would love some extra grandchildren time, so as I drove off, I called her and let her know that two of her grandchildren were at my house. 

By the time I arrived, home (from a very successful shopping trip!), the house was a buzz.  Poor Grandma was trapped in the playroom by her granddaughter who didn't want her leaving, the men were in the living room, and Brian brought in the groceries (being pregnant comes in very handy at times).

I had already planned what dinner would be- rice, Spanish beans, and pork chops on the grill.  I bought plenty of pork chops on my grocery run, so that everyone at the house and my dad, who was scheduled to come later in the evening, could eat, be satisfied, and not feel like this was unplanned.

Dad walked in around the time that my brother-in-law decided to head home, Brian solicited his help to grill the pork chops (my dad is amazing behind the grill!) while he helped his dad (Pops) draft a Fantasy Baseball team, Mom helped me saute the onions and garlic while I got the rice ready, and Addie ran among all the rooms and kept tabs on everyone.  The night was beautiful, the doors and windows were open, Dad, Mom, and I stayed on the back porch and talked until the chops were ready,  and then we all prayed for dinner together. 

Last night was one of those nights where the food was put away but the dishes stayed dirty, people and connections were far more important that a spotless kitchen, and Addie had all of her grandparents under on roof.  She even egged on Grandpops to "Come and get me!" and then she ran to Grandpa for protection!  Boy, did they get a kick out of that!

Today, I'll be making a quick run to the store to finish up the grocery shopping, cleaning my kitchen, filling the dishwasher, and putting all of the toys in the playroom away where they go.  And all the while, I will remember the wonderful time that was had within these walls last night, and I will look forward to the next time we have a spontaneous gathering of family and loved ones in our home.


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