Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Around Here...

Around here.... I still haven't learned how to keep from burning myself while cooking dinner. Please tell me I'm not the only one! I was stirring some raviolli and my arm got tired. Without thinking I lowered my arm, right onto the lid of the sauce that was cooking next to me.  My sudden reaction to the burn was to flinch my arm which splashed some hot water (remember, I was stirring) in my direction.  I jumped to avoid my belly getting hit with the water.  Thankfully, Addie was happily watching Elmo and was no where near me when this happened.  For weeks after, she warned me to be careful while I was cooking.

Around here... we love dancing in the kitchen as a family.  Strange, I know, but it is so much fun! Just pop Mandesa or Toby Mac into the CD player and have yourself a grand old time.

Around here... school time is still going strong.  Addie loves our learning time.  We have been working with phonics and learning to put the sounds together.  We also have a homemade number book that we are slowly working on.  It is one of those things that will be kept to show her the kind of work she did way back when.  I will be working with her through the summer and not purchasing an actual curiculumn for K4.  The new baby will be here in early fall and I don't want any of us to have too much pressure.  I do have quite a few workbooks and extra things lined up for us to learn. 

Around here... we are practicing our letters.  We have also moved to using crayons instead of the colored pencil you see in the photo. She seems to press down a little harder with the crayon so I can actually see what she is doing. Yesterday (May 3), she began writing the letter A, P, and Q completely on her own!  She is a lefty and I am a righty, so handwriting time is definitely fun!   

Around here... our ovens are full.  In fact, today I'll be baking banana muffins since all of my muffins from the baking day pictured are almost gone.  I keep twelve in the cake stand and the rest in the fridge in an air tight container.  When the muffins start to run low, I just replenish.  As for my little oven, it is bulging nicely.  I haven't taken nearly as many belly pictures this time around as I did with Addie, but I'm okay with that :) 

Around here... Taffy is still very much a part of everything we do.  Recently, my aunt brought Taffy a sister (who we named Daffy), but Daffy can't seem to gain the amount of attention that Taffy has.  I just love the seriousness on that little girl's face! She takes her school work very seriously!


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