Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Club Thursday | Mama Made the Difference

We have been reading Mama Made the Difference by T.D. Jakes.  All direct quotes from the book are in bold type.

It is rather appropriate that today we are looking at the final chapter of our book with Mother's Day coming in a few days.  I, for one, have loved reading through this book, and I have learned so many things, not only about myself as a mother but about the lessons that mother worked so hard to instill in me.  And as a goal oriented person, it has given me goals to strive for in the raising of our children and opened my eyes to things I was unaware that I was teaching.

Mamas Teach Us To Live Out Our Legacy

If there was one quote in this entire chapter that really hit home for me it would have to be the following: Build from her legacy and launch yourself into your life with exuberant passion to accomplish the mighty things that she saw in you, back when she held you in her arms.  Make her proud by fulfilling the dreams that she started but did not bring to completion.  And along the way, plant the seeds of dreams in your own children, knowing that someday, when you are beyond this earth, they will be carrying your legacy with them, completing what you started.

My mother had dreams.  She shared those dreams with us.  I have grabbed the baton that my mother held out as she finished her part in the race of life, and now I am running with her dreams in my hands.  As Addie grows, I will share with her my dreams and, if the Lord has not yet returned, I pray that she will choose to grab my baton. 

One of my mother's dreams was to minister to women and encourage them to love their husbands and children. She was able to do this during her time as a women's Bible study teacher and in her one on one discipling of women. If she had only heard of blogging!  Instead, I believe that God put the seed in my heart to pick up where she left off.  Much of what I have shared with you started with the lessons that my mother taught me, but have grown as I have experienced life as a wife and mother.

My mother had other dreams that she shared with us.  Dreams that I am in the process of working on to bring them to fulfillment. 

With Mother's Day coming up, if you still have the privilege of having your mother here, take the time to tell her about the ways that she has influenced your life.  If your mother has passed away (like mine), thank God for the wonderful example of womanhood that He blessed you with.  And then go out and begin blazing a trail for your own children to follow.  Begin creating dreams to fulfill and share those dreams with your children.  Teach your children by example to reach for the stars.  Live out your legacy.


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