Friday, May 6, 2011

Memories | Addie's First Adventure in Meeting A Baby

We have some friends who had a baby girl about two and a half weeks ago.  We thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce Addie to a baby and explain to her that a baby, similar to this one, was growing in Mommy's belly.  We spent a good portion of the car ride to the hospital talking to Addie about the baby, how quiet we need to be, and how happy we all were to see the baby.

When we arrived, Addie carried our present in very quietly.  The three of us looked at the baby (no one held her at first) and talked about how this baby was like the baby in Mommy's belly (our baby's gender is still not known). 

I knew Addie was not a jealous-type, but I was still curious how she would react if Brian or I held the baby.  The parents offered to let me hold the baby, and I jumped at the chance.

When I picked up the baby and sat down, the baby began crying.  Addie walked over and very matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, the baby needs a bottle. She's hungry"

"I think she just ate," I said.

"Oh, then she's thirsty," was the quick response.

Ummm, I guess I have some explaining to do about babies and what their food and nutritional requirements are at the very beginning.  Sometimes you don't realize what you need to explain or teach until you have a conversation with your three year old.

"No, she's not thirsty, either."

"Oh, then the baby has to go poopy."  She has an answer for everything!

I decided to just leave it at that.  Addie came up close to the baby and said very soothingly, "Baby, stop crying."  The baby stopped! (Mental note: keep Addie handy when our baby starts crying.)

Addie noticed that the baby had those little white clogged pores on her nose and said, "The baby has little circles on her nose! The baby is so silly!" and giggled.

She sat next to me on the recliner in the room and began touching the baby's blanketed leg. She leaned close to me and whispered, "I pet the baby!" with a little bit of a secret and giggle in her voice.

Then she needed Daddy to rush her to the potty.

Brian told me that while she was taking care of business, she was telling him that she was a big girl so she uses the potty, but the baby needs diapers.

When they came back, hands were resanitized and then Brian took a turn reaquainting himself with holding someone so tiny.  Addie was just as fine with Brian holding the baby as she was with me. 

As we said our goodbyes, Addie leaned over towards the baby's hospital crib and said, "Goodbye, Baby! I love you!"

Huge sigh of relief.... can't wait for our baby to come.


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