Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Update in Photos... How Our December Days Are Going

Does he look happy or what! Ian at three months old... and yesterday he was wearing a Carter's 6 months outfit. I think he is working on some teeth. He is constantly drooling and chewing on his hands, blankets, or my fingers. And seriously, who do you think he looks like? To Brian and me he looks like Ian, but other people have a better vantage point of seeing who he resembles.

Can you believe Christmas is almost here! 3 more days! I feel more ready for Christmas this year than any other year before. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, my little family's gifts have already been purchased and wrapped and are under the tree, so I can relax and enjoy the last few days before Christmas Day.

Here are a few updates on what has been happening around here. Lots of good stuff! Our "Advent Countdown" has been a success. Our little pile of books, videos, and CD's is growing by the day as Addie opens one every morning. The other day, she had a gift that had the number 18 on it, and I went to give her the "right" gift to open.  Then it dawned on me- it was the 18th! Our little basket is almost empty and Christmas is right around the corner.

And we have such an awesome Daddy who gets right in and participates in our fun. Brian has been a trooper and has read lots of stories to Addie from the pile. The one they are reading together in this picture is The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski. A wonderful story, but a little long. It is a personal favorite of mine, though.

Ian loves his big sister. If she is in view, he is content just to look at her. And the love she has for him can be heard through out the day. "Good morning, my son!" "I love you, my son!" "What's wrong, my son!" I don't think he'll get confused about who his mommy really is, do you?

We celebrated Christmas with Brian's side of the family on Sunday, the 18th. We received many wonderful gifts (one which will be getting its very own post tomorrow). Two of the things she received were trunks of dress up clothes. She wanted to get herself all dolled up as soon as she woke up! So, of course, we let her. After all, when we were kids, playing with our new Christmas toys was an absolute must.

On the Thursday before the Christmas get together, the kids and I met Grandma at McDonald's for lunch. Yes, that is a bottle you see down in the corner. Ian is occasionally drinking from a bottle when we are out and about. Occasionally....

In the evening before bedtime there are usually snuggles and an "Addie" movie, as she likes to call them. This particular evening we watched Veggie Tales "The Little Drummer Boy", a gift from Uncle Paul and Aunt Angie.

Our little princess, all decked out to rule over her kingdom. Matching your clothes is totally over-rated! Tiara with pink stars, a purple outfit, a green "princess stick" as we call it, and red shoes really make a statement. I also love the look of the "Tinkerbell" dress with leggings. Only Addie can pull off a look like this and be simply adorable! Unfortunately, the little princess has a cold right now. I'm hoping it is a really quick cold and that Ian skips it completely.

Do you remember this photo from the post about Operation Christmas Child? Yesterday we found out where our box went to. Madagascar! We were so excited to find out where the child lives who received our box. Addie said that now the little girl could come over here to play with her!

Hope your day is merry and bright!

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  1. These pictures are great!

    Wow Addie you look great in those heels!!!

    And Madagascar! That box traveled far, so glad it got to bless another little girl!!!

    xoxo love aunt kristi



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