Friday, January 6, 2012

My Computer

For years, Brian and I have had a dinosaur for a computer. It has been as slow as molasses. Powering it up took about 10 minutes and once it was on, you could hear it grinding away with every task we asked it to perform.  And you can forget about Internet speed!

Photos are a huge part of my life- either for scrapbooking and Project Life or for the blog. I would have to upload my pictures to Brian's work laptop, remove them from the laptop onto a flash drive, and then install them onto my computer. Because Brian's laptop was not regularly available to me- after all, it was his work laptop- it would sometimes take weeks before I could get my pictures off of my camera.

Two weekends before Christmas, Brian had to work the entire weekend. Not only did he make a great deal of overtime, but the job also required the removal of all of the old cabling in the building so new cabling could be installed. The cabling could then be recycled for it's copper content.

Brian decided that the money he made from recycling the copper would go towards my Christmas present.... a brand new computer!

I cannot even believe how fast it powers up and takes me from place to place. It makes absolutely no noise as it does what I ask. And- this is the best part- I only have to take my memory card out of the camera and pop it right into the built in slot right on the computer and wahlah! my pictures appear! (As he showed me all of the features, he kept mentioning how much easier blogging would be for me. How sweet is that!)

Brian, thank you so much for my Christmas gift. You picked a perfect gift for me. And don't worry.... I'll let you use it, too!


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