Thursday, January 5, 2012


My "word" for this year is FAMILY as I had posted last week. I think if you choose to make resolutions or choose to pick a word to focus on during the year, having something visual that is always "there" is important to keeping one on track.

On the main wall of our home, we have always had a series of photos with Addie being in the 6x4 slots and a family photo in the center surrounded by Joshua 24:15 (card stock that I've cut using the Cricuit machine). But once we had our family photos taken with Ian, I decided that it was time to change the pictures around. And I am so pleased with the look. 

I also had an idea in my mind with two of the photos we took. Once I had everything in place, I asked Brian to hang my decorations (because of my previous hammer and nails attempts, I'm not allowed I've been requested not to hang things on my own). Using my Cricuit machine again, I cut out the letters to the word FAMILY and stuck them to the wall using scrapbooking adhesive squares.

This is a constant reminder to me of the FAMILY that I need to focus on. Having a well organized, clean house is very important, but as I mentioned in last week's post, I do not stay home with my children to clean all day. Spending as much time with them as possible, putting of myself into their lives, and putting their needs before my wants is what I have been called to do. The ones pictured here are the FAMILY that God has gifted to me and they are the ones that I need to put my whole heart into serving on a daily basis. And meeting their needs must always be a priority in my life.


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