Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Lessons

About three weeks ago, Ian got his first cold. I was a bit upset about it because he is so little.

I was upset with the person who was not courteous enough to warn us that her children were sick.

I was upset that her children knew they were sick and breathed all over my baby anyway.

I was upset that I am so careful about not exposing others to our germs and the same courtesy was not shown to us.

And then we went to Ian's follow up appointment yesterday, and God had another "Suzette-wake-up!" moment with me..... I've been getting those a lot lately (when will I learn!).

While Ian was being weighed on the scale beside the open door of one of the exam rooms, the nurse asked why the couple inside was there with their 11 month old, and the mother began.

"She has a tumor in her leg and we have a scheduled surgery. She has started trying to walk, and we noticed that her feet don't flex out when she stands on them. We wanted the doctor to take a look at her."

Suddenly, our little chest cold didn't seem like such a big deal.

We walked back to our exam room, and I felt so ashamed. Here I was, internally making a big deal over someone else's insensitivity, and these other parents had a real problem.

And, of course, when God gives you a moment of correction, He always comes back with a soft comfort..... and that Parental raised eyebrow that expects you to say what you know He's waiting to hear.

"Lord, I'm sorry for being so upset at __________. Thank you that Ian's cold wasn't that bad. Thank you that he never had runny nose to interfere with his nursing. Thank you that he never had a real fever. Thank you that he was never grumpy or moody while he was sick. Thank you that he never lost his appetite. Thank you that the medication he was given began acting immediately. Thank you that his chest cold did not turn into bronchitis or asthma. Thank you that Addie did not catch what he had."

Sometimes, I wonder when I will outgrow these lessons and corrections. But then I am reminded that He only corrects those who belong to Him. I'm glad I belong to Him.


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