Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of My Favorite Routines

Nap time is so important, not just for the children who get the naps but for Mommy as well. Mommy needs that time to unwind, get some things done without interruptions, or have a phone date with friends (remember my need for adult interaction :)

However, I don't think my children need to feel that Mommy is rushing them to their naps so she can have "her" time. And that is where one of my favorite routines comes in.

Just before the official start of nap time, Addie, Ian, and I get into Addie's bed with a few books. Sometimes we lay on the pillows. Sometimes we sit with our backs against pillows propped up against the wall.

We always begin with a Bible story from a book of Bedtime Bible stories (thanks, Kathy M and family!). Then we read two or three books from the library. For the first four or five days, we only read "new" books- no repeats. After all of the books have been read through once, on the last couple of days before we take them back, Addie can pick whichever ones she wants me to read. She usually has a favorite and I end up reading that book over and over and over and....... well, you get the picture.

Sometimes, after the story has been read, we just lay there and talk. This time has given us such great opportunities to share with each other. We have had conversations about the pets I had when I was a little girl, Grandma Ana and stories about her as my mommy, favorite colors, favorite animals, and stories of life when I was a little girl.

It takes me back to when I was a little girl and would ask my mother about life when she was a little girl.... because, of course, Mom was a little girl such a looooong time before I came around. (Ummm... God, can you tell Mom I'm sorry for unintentionally making her feel old. Thank you.)

Sometimes, as we end our time together, tickles find their way into our "good nap time" kisses.

And then come the rituals....
  • put the Bible story book away
  • turn on the Sunday school songs CD
  • turn on the "beeper".... Addie likes to think that she only has to stay in bed for so long. What she doesn't know (yet, but she will when she reads this one day) is that I usually set the timer for three hours so she can fall asleep while waiting for the "beeper".
  • put Ian in his crib
......and then Mommy goes off to blog and do the other things on her list for the day.


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