Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last night was my first night leading my Puggles class. I have a wonderful co-teacher who is a kindergarten teacher "in real life" and does an amazing job in teaching the lesson. I basically come up with the flow of the evening and crafts and filler activities.

I needed to decorate our classroom so the kiddos and I did that yesterday late morning/early afternoon. All of the new items that were ordered for my class had just come in. I was asked to try putting up the decorations with tape first and if that didn't work then I could go ahead and use whatever means necessary.

Ian had fallen asleep so I put him in a crib nearby and went to work. Addie "helped" so much. I put tape on the back of each of twenty-two pictures and went to work lining them up just right on the wall. When I had finished putting up the last picture I heard Bud start crying. He had woken up and was hungry. I picked him up, fed him, and went back to the class room.

This is what I found.

Almost all of them had fallen off the wall!

Okay. It's all good. It was only twenty minutes out of my day. Onto "whatever means necessary!"

I went to the resource room got a box of push pins, rearranged my design, and, 20 minutes later, this was the result! I loved it!

Then it was time to practice my craft idea with Addie to work out the kinks. Because March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, we made lion heads out of paper plates. I told Addie what to do and she did it.

Next time I will not be using Addie as my deciding factor as to how a craft will go.

She knows and "gets" me. I know and "get" her. She follows directions well. Her teachers in Cubbies did not even realize that she had just turned four.

The Puggles are two and a half and very young threes. They didn't quite "get" the directions. And it took everything in me not to put their craft together for them. But the parents were pretty proud with the pride of lions hanging in the corner of the room.

I learned a lot this week about my little class. Like how important free play is. How if one child takes his shoes and socks off, everyone takes their shoes and socks off. How if one child is playing with the Mickey Mouse riding plane, everyone tries to pile on to take their turn. How coloring inside the lines is a concept that is unheard of. How saying, "Let's put the toys away," in the most pleasant voice I could muster actually means, "Let's see how many toys we can take out!"

You've gotta love Puggles!


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